Question Related to Breema & Inclusiveness

Hi [Breema Center Staff Person],

A question has been coming up for me for a while, and I thought I would send an email to see if I can find clarification.

My experiences, through Breema and other practices, is that I am fully body, sensations, emotions, thoughts, spacious awareness, and “Big Mind” (to borrow a term from Zen). I am all these, as an endless set of Russian dolls, one within the other. And the widest layer, the most expansive and inclusive, is beyond all dualities. There is no separation. Of course, the experience of this is clearer or less clear, and always changes and sometimes deepens (as this morning during sitting practice). The experience is often at the deepest, and most rich and full, when I do Breema bodywork or Self-Breemas.

I also realize that for us to experience more of these Russian dolls, we need to drop exclusive identification with body, sensations, emotions, thoughts. Our self-identity needs to become more inclusive, to expand (and then maybe fall away completely).

So my question has to do with what I have heard some Breema instructors say: “We are not the body, the emotions, the thoughts”. Is this just a tool to help people let go of exclusive identification with these aspects of ourselves – so we can drop into spacious and transdual awareness – or does it have a deeper meaning?

Having put it all out there, I am eagerly awaiting clarity!



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