There are many ways to view reincarnation.

One is as a view with certain effects on the life of the person holding the view. These effects may include taking responsibility for ones actions (they all have consequences – some right now, some later), living in the moment (there is no eternal heaven/hell in the future, only what I create the conditions for right here/now), and compassion (the inner/outer circumstances for all of us are all conditioned).

The other is looking at it as a phenomenon.

From the absolute end of the polarity, nothing happens – there is no birth/death, no individual, no progression. From the most relative end of the polarity, the individual – this particular organism and personality – dies, and that’s that. So at both extremes of the absolute-relative polarity, there is no reincarnation.

Inbetween the ends of the polarity, there may be something reincarnating – subtle patterns/habits reincarnating in a new organism. But these patterns have no fixed existence, and no absolutely separate existence. These patterns are fluid vortexes, temporarily formed among the fluid seamless phenomena.

And they are “animated” – born from and fades back into – the absolute. The mind that gives them life and awareness – is the same as that which gives life and awareness to all organisms and all phenomena. They are all expressions of God. There is no separate existence, although the awareness awakened in these organisms may temporarily perceive it that way.

So, from all of these perspectives, there is no “me” reincarnating. The subtle patterns and habits that may reincarnate, are fluid and a seamless part of the larger whole. They are a stream incarnating in one organism, then another, then another. The previous organisms are not this one. The future organisms are not this one. And the awareness that animates each organism, is the one mind – animating all phenomena, the whole universe and beyond. It may be temporarily identified with the body and the subtle patterns and habits, but its source is that which is beyond all dualities. It is God – embracing and expressing all dualities – manifesting, fluidly – always in new ways.

This awareness – reading these words, aware of the fluid sensations, emotions, thoughts – is the one mind, beyond and embracing all polarities – experiencing. It is that which all phenomena unfold within and from, always new and fresh.

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