Resting & Deepening

I experience a polarity between…


The sense or experience of everything being right here/now. The realization of this here/now being it – Big Mind, an expression and manifestation of God, Spirit, the Absolute. We can just rest in it – allow it to unfold. There is nowhere to go, nothing to seek.


Then there is the sense that something is a little off. Something is not quite right. There is a wish to deepen and clarify whatever needs to deepen and clarify. In particular the experience of Big Mind, the relationship between the self and Big Mind, and how to live from the Big Mind perspective and bring it into the world in always new ways.

The Beauty of the Polarity

It seems that both needs to be there. The absolute view (everything perfect as it is) gives a sense of relief and spaciousness. The relative view (room for improvement) gives a direction and a wish to deepen and clarify the view and how to bring it more fully into the world. Without the first, there may be a seeking for something apart “out there” or “in here”. Without the second, there may be complacency. With both, there is a light touch and a deepening and clarification.

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