Existence has many faces.

All phenomena are born from and fades back into the absolute – every moment. Birth, death, tragedy, joy, delusion, enlightenment – nothing happens.

Then also, all inner/outer phenomena are manifestations and expressions of God, Spirit, the Absolute. They all have the same “essence” – the same ultimate nature. There is differentiation within a fluid whole.

At the same time, there is the conventional view. There is birth and death, suffering and joy, sadness and happiness, lost opportunities and grasped opportunities, dormant potentials and unfolded potentials, delusion and enlightenment.

It is sobering to see that while the absolute view is indeed accurate, and there is the simultaneous expression of the absolute and relative, the conventional – more narrow view – is also accurate. It is true as well, even if it is only a part of the picture.

There is lost opportunity. There is delusion. There is sickness and death. There is suffering. There is change. There is evolution and development. We are all these. This is also Existence.

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