Wisdom of the Body

During the times where I use a more comprehensive set of practices, there is a deep transformation in how the world is experienced through me. I experience myself intimately and with a sense of fullness and richness, as one whole – beyond body/mind, and as intimately part of a larger whole.

In Norway, there was meditation, prayer, tai chi, chi gong, walking/biking/hiking, rewarding and deep social interactions, and balanced/fresh diet. In Salt Lake City, during my years at Kanzeon, I also in periods did a daily yoga practice, in addition to hiking, walking, diet, rewarding social interactions, etc. Here in Oregon, I use meditation, Breema bodywork and Self-Breema, walking/biking/hiking, balanced/fresh diet, rewarding social interactions and engagement, visualizations when it seems appropriate.

In each case, there is a rich, intimate and delicious sense of this self as one whole, beyond and embracing body/mind, of no separation with any inner/outer phenomena, and of awareness as distinct yet inseparate from any inner/outer phenomena.

There is a difference as well. In Norway, I experienced this body and the whole physical universe as transparent – as of light. In Salt Lake City, there was a gradual grounding through the sitting practice. And now, an even further melting into the physical body – of more fully and intimately being body, energies, emotions, thoughts, awareness – and with no separation to the larger whole.

Over the last year, there has also been a closer alignment of the different layers of this self. My body has given me very clear and accurate information about what food to eat, and my mind has paid attention to it although not always followed it. Now, there is a much closer alignment. What nurtures the body/mind, is also what I consciously want to eat – with no effort or trying. It also seems that the closer alignment of the different layers allows the emotional level to contribute a sense of fullness, richness and vibrancy in my daily life.

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