Yin & Yang

Different practices emphasize the yin-yang polarity of the mind differently.

The Big Mind process emphasize yang – spacious clarity and overview. The yin aspect does comes in to the extent fullness and intimacy comes up via the different voices.

Breema emphasize yin – fullness, richness and intimacy. There is a fullness in the experience of the body, supportive emotions, receptive cognition, and the sounds, smell, touch, temperature etc. The yang aspect comes in to the extent mind is clarified.

Zen practice seems to include both. There is often a verbal emphasis on the yang aspect, although the yin aspect – the fullness and richness of being body, sensations, emotions, thoughts, awareness, Big Mind – comes in through the sitting.

In all cases, there is spacious awareness within which experiences unfold – there is a distinction and no separation.

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