Here in the US, I sometimes encounter an interesting discrepancy between (a) a high level of criticism and skeptisism towards authorities and (b) a low or non-existent level of critisism and skeptisism towards ones own thought process…

It leads to patterns where people are consistently skeptical towards government, science, etc., and consistently do not question the sources of their information/opinions or the validity of their own thought process. In a way, it is another form of projection: skepticism applied mostly to the outer world, and not the inner.

Of course, it is healthy with a certain level of criticism towards authorities, and it may be especially justified here i the US. The government, media and scientists are sometimes influenced by outside sources, such as big corporations. And if we also apply this healthy skeptisism towards our sources and our own thought process, then we have a more balanced and grounded situation. We can allow ourselves to stay open to different possibilities and not jump to conclusions.

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