Since the opening in my teens, I have seen and experienced the energetic levels relatively clearly. And there has also been a knowing of how to work on this level, to open up for clarity and healing.

In some ways, when I “see” the energies, it is similar to when Neo saw the code at the end of the Matrix. This seems to be the best depiction of it (many other depictions, such as those of Alex Gray, seem quite distorted – in his case because it is “willed”, it comes from mental willing – not a direct and easy seeing and experiencing) .

And to allow the healing to take place, there is a combination of visualization of the energetic levels of the other body and of space, clarity and self-healing processes unfolding, and of allowing the physical/energetic/emotional/mental levels to connect with the absolute or a very subtle level close to the absolute. Although there is a gentle focus on the energetics of the other body, there is of course no separation anywhere – just a gentle focus. The release and opening that occurs for that body also occurs in this body.

I don’t do this very much with people, mostly because I only do it when asked and I almost never talk about it so very few know about it. A few times, I have experienced something that seems like a very strong and immoveable block – one that does not respond well to the spaciousness and which prevents the energy levels to unfold within spaciousness and unfold the self-healing processes. In all of these cases, it turned out that the person had taken some sort of pharmaseutical drug.

In one case, where there was a thin but immoveable shield around the body, it was an anti-depression (or similar) drug. In another case – this morning – where there was a strong block in the nerve paths in the spine, it was Alvil. The common characteristics seems to be that the block is very precise and clearly defined, and has a synthetic quality.

It seems that these drugs, although they may remove or diminish the symptoms, actually prevents a deeper healing to take place while they are active. Of course, they may still be very useful as a first-aid, and when their effects wear off – then a deeper healing can still occur.

One of the reasons I don’t talk about this very much, is that people think “I” (this body/person) is doing it. Of course, it is not. This personality steps aside, and that which is not connected to any one person or phenomena allows the energetic and other levels to be within space and unfold the self-healing processes. It is difficult to talk about this in any precise way, and – ironically – the more precise the wording, the more oddly it seems to be phrased. There is also just a gentle shift, no “doing” is involved.

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