My Day

A slice of my (weekend) life these days…

1. I woke up around 7am, and listened to an episode of This American Life over the internet while still in bed.
2. Got up, had an apple and did some Self-Breemas. Jen went to our community garden.
3. Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and swept the floor, made lunch from local bread, Bandon sharp sheddar cheese and organic tomatoes, and heated water for yogi tea, while listening to Car Talk and Prairie Home Companion on the radio.
4. Had lunch while answering some emails, and read some of my usual newssources online (NRK, Aftenposten, Dagbladet, Klassekampen, The Guardian, BBC, New York Times, Google News).
5. Showered and went with Jen to somebody’s house to watch the Big Mind DVDs with a local Zen teacher and a Zen student. It was very powerful – as being in the room. My hara became warm, fluid and active as it usually does when I do Breema, Big Mind, sitting practice etc.
6. Jen and I went to Fisherman’s Warf, got fish’n chips, and ate it in a park nearby.
7. We went to her office, she went through her appointments for the coming week, and then gave me a focused massage – specifically for my lower spine and pelvis area. I used to have scoliosis, and what is left is a few vertebrae not quite aligned in the anterior/posterior direction. I am doing visualizations to allow them to align, in addition to Self-Breemas and receiving massage.
8. Went back home. It is a beautiful evening – the sky in many shades of blue, flowing clouds and the bright moon disk partially hidden behind the clouds.
9. Luna greeted us as we walked down the stairs to the house. It is always a relief to come home to a clean house – the outer simplicity supports inner clarity.

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