For any deeper healing to take place, the resistance must be brought into awareness. There is always resistance to change – even when the change is in the desired direction for the self – and we need to acknowledge the resistance and allow it to tell its story. What can we learn from it? What does it tell us? What is the gold that it offers? What is the valuable information in it? How does it genuinely serve the self? Process Work and the Big Mind process both offers valuable tools for allowing us to listen to and become students of resistance. When it has told its story, when it has been listened to sincerely and its gift accepted, it has done its job and the process can unfold further. The resistance and block is allowed to dissolve.

Example of the voice of resistance: I protect Per from going too far – from getting into situations he is not ready for. I protect him from going out on thin ice and getting injured in any way. I protect him from sticking his head out and having it chopped off. If he was completely healthy, he may behaving in ways that are embarasing to him since he is not used to acting from that space. And when we see this we can consciously take the lesson it offers, and the resistance looses some or all of its charge (depending on how seriously we take its advice).

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