I watched the last segment of Matrix again last night, and – among many other things – was impressed with the dynamics between Neo and Agent Smith, and how accurate the depiction seems to be.

When we consciously identify with something, something else is excluded. What is excluded will come up and demand our attention, and it does so in a way that closely mirror the conscious attitude. In this case, Neo was identified with the humans and liberation for humans, and he excluded the machine (and light) world. Agent Smith came up and mirrored this attitude, and did so without knowing why he behaved the way he did – he was just automatically mirroring and showing Neo what Neo could not see in himself. As long as Neo resisted this, there was a battle. And when he let go of resistance, there was a fusion and resolution – a resolution into a more inclusive level.

In my case, although I have directly experienced how everything is God, Spirit, Buddha Mind, I have also been invested in change. In moving towards embodying this more, in healing, in refinement. I escluded somewhat just resting in what is, and see what is – without being anything different – as God, Spirit, Buddha Mind. Now, this seems to be my next phase. To just rest in what is – exactly as it is – and see how this is Big Mind manifesting.

When I visited Boulder last week, I spent a day at the Shambala Center, and this came up for me as my practice. Whatever came up, I reminded myself that this too is Buddha Mind manifesting. As sleepiness, dullness, alertness, someone walking up the stairs, the sound of the cars, the ache in my back.

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