There are so many layers of support… And so many we are not aware of in our everyday life.

Breath is support. I am being breathed – by the wisdom of this wonderful and mysterious body. The Earth, with all its green plants, are breathing me and with me. There is a constant exchange and mutual support between me and all the green organisms.

The ground is support. It holds me up, gives me traction, orients me, reminds me that I am alive.

The food is support. The Earth is producing so I can stay alive. The nurtrients go through me, keeps me alive, and pass through as support for other life.

The whole universe is supporting my existence, through its history and existence right now, and I am supporting the whole universe in return by my existence.

The whole of humanity in the past and current is supporting my existence. They produce everything that supports me in my everyday – food, clothes, shelter, transportation, books, communication. Those in the past have given us today the opportunity to produce all this, through their explorations and work. Everything I learn, is the result of the explorations of all past generations. My whole existence right now is dependent on all past generations and all current human beings (directly or indirectly).

Other human beings support me in providing me with a mirror for myself. Through what I see in them, I can explore the same in myself and get to know the inner world more intimately.

I could spend the rest of my life just writing down all the ways the universe supports my existence, through its history and current manifestation… It is literally endless.

Even future generations support me. My existence now creates the situation for them, and when I work for deep cultural transformation into a more life-sustaining/centered culture, they are there – right here/now – supporting me in a deep and profound way.

All live in the past, current and future, is supporting me in creating a more life-supporting culture. Those in the past and future cannot be active now, but they can support me silently, intimately, right here/now.

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