Universally Human

When we become familiar with the patterns of the personality, they appear more and more as variations of what is universally human.

There are several approaches that allows this to occur…

Through using Byron Katie’s inquiry process, we see that many (all?) of our contractions and suffering is related to believing in thoughts, we experience the nature of mind as revealed when it does not believe in thoughts, and we find a new “ground” in this spaciousness and clarity. Through this process, thoughs are revealed as universal rather than personal. It is the same process of suffering through believing in thoughts, and the same types of thoughts, that take place in (presumably) all human beings.

Through sitting practice, a similar insight occur. We see the habitual patterns of this personality play themselves out over and over, recognize the nature of mind when it is not identified with its content, and recognize similar patterns playing themselves out in others, and that the nature of mind is the same nomatter which small self it happens to be identified with.

A similar process also takes place in Breema. There is an experinece of life giving to life. Of life walking down the street. Of life talking and interacting with life. And in each case, with different flavors and characteristics, which adds to the fullness and richness in how life is expressed.

The key seems to be (a) staying with and seeing the habitual patterns of this personality playing themselves out, and (b) recognizing the nature of mind (its inherent qualities which emerge when it is not exclusively identified with its content) – spaciousness and clarity.

Through this, we see that the same patterns play themselves out in all small selves, with different flavors. And what is left is just recognition and empathy. We are all in the same boat. We are all caught up in the same habitual patterns, and in all of us is the potential for awareness to recognize its own inherent nature.

And when this view comes from our own experience and process, it comes naturally – as what is.

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