Persistent Voice
The voice of the critic has come up repeatedly today, in spite of outer circumstances that are not conducive for it. Everything seems to be a target, even that which this personality sees as 99% desirable. The last one percent is sufficient as a trigger.

It has been good to see this and stay with it. I see clearly how small part of me this voice is, compared to everything else. This takes the charge out of it and allows me to not engage in or fuel it. I can appreciate it for the ways it helps me, with sharp discernment, take the lessons and let to go.

The Big Mind workshop last weekend, and the Breema intensive this weekend, set (some of) the circumstances for this realization to deepen and clarify.

Big Mind
In the Big Mind process, I become familiar and intimate with a variety of voices and how they support and are in relationship with the self. For the voices on the level of the small self, I learn to recognize them, how they help me, and that they each are just one small aspect of the whole. I gain a perspective on each, and are there is less of a hook for me to get caught up in any one of them. There is more of a fluidity in how they come up, and whether and how awareness chooses to engage in them. And the transpersonal voices helps me connect with and relate to everything from a larger and more inclusive view.

Breema gives me a deep and delicious experience of myself as a whole – body, energies, emotions, cognitions, and transpersonal awareness. All with fluidity, fullness, richness, deliciousness, clarity and presence.

When I tap into this through the Nine Principles, Self-Breemas or Breema Bodywork, I experience directly how all the patterns of the personality are just ripples on the ocean. The whole is infinitely larger than any of these, and this makes it easy to choose to not engage in them in an habitual way. I can see them and let them go. Or I can choose to engage from insights they offer me, with more clarity and spaciousness.

Each of the voices bears a gift, and it may be appropriate to act on this gift of insight in the situation. Joy and a sense of connection may led to speaking from appreciation. Anger may lead to speaking from honesty with another person.

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