Weaving Together

After my opening experience in my teens in Norway, I experienced my body as light. Every cell was luminous golden light. And I enhanced this through resting in the experience. For some years, I also used this as a visualization for healing.

In Wisconsin, I mostly visualized on a more physical level. I would visualize my spine straightening out and being supple and healthy (I had scoleosis), and the organs functioning in an healthy way.

Over the last few years, there has been a sense of something else coming up, and last night I looked into what is next. What came up was a weaving motion/pattern in my middle (hara) region. And with that, I sense of everything as it is – my body just as it is here/now – being Big Mind. This is nothing new, but I have not focused on this as an approach to (physical) healing.

So this seems to be the new phase for me, in my healing visualizations. To see what is – with no change – as Big Mind, as Spirit, as Buddha Mind manifesting. This ache, these imbalances energies, the heaviness of my body, the woolliness in my head, all this is also Big Mind manifesting. There is a different healing in this, that does not require anything to change or be different. And it gives room for whatever needs to unfold to unfold.

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