Absolute, Oneness & Big Mind

There is an interesting relationship among the Absolute, Oneness and Big Mind.

Awareness can recognize its own nature at any time, it is always present. In some ways, it is too familiar to be recognized as anything special. It is that which is always there, independent of changing experiences. It is the spaciousness and clarity of mind.

When awareness is identified with the small self, and recognizes its nature, it still seems very local. It is as if we recognize a drop of water. It appears small and local, yet has the same nature as the ocean. Of course, this drop is part of the ocean, we just don’t recognize it quite yet.

When awareness awakens to its nature, and becomes more familiar with it, it also awakens to the seamless whole of all phenomena.

This comes from recognizing the absolute in all phenomena – everything emerges from, unfolds within, and fades back into the absolute.

It also comes from awareness softening its exclusive identification with the small self, which allows it to see all phenomena – inner and outer – as a seamless whole.

Through this expansion, we recognize the Absolute as the nature of all phenomena.

Big Mind
And this naturally leads to awareness awakening to Big Mind. It is familiar with and embrace both the absolute (the nature of mind/phenomena) and the relative (the changing manifestations). It functions in a transdual way – embracing all polarities. It is aware of the seamless whole as well as differentiations.

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