Big Mind & Ecopsychology

As I become more familiar with the Big Mind process, I would like to explore the intersection between this approach and a spiritual orientation to the Earth/Universe – as reflected in ecopsychology, deep ecology, ecospirituality, and the universe story. (See previous essays on these topics).

Of course, an aspect of this is inherent in the Big Mind process and view. We shift into a transdual view, where there is no separation, where we clearly see and experience the fluid whole of all phenomena. We realize that there is no difference in the nature of any aspect of the universe, and the interdependence – in so many ways – of all phenomena. We as individuals and society are not separate from the rest of the Earth and the Universe.

But it is possible to go beyond this and explore these connections more in depth.

One way is to access different voices, such as the voice of the wild within each of us. The untamed part of us, the one that has been subdued and tamed by millennia of civilization. Another – transpersonal – voice could be the voice of the Earth. Of course, this is quite similar to the practices already developed by Joanna Macy and others.

Another approach is to explore the connections between humans and Earth – and in particular of this small self and the Earth. How does this small self relate to the Earth? Is she/he aware of the far-reaching and long-term consequences of her/his actions? If not, why not? What are the possible consequences? What could change?

And then view it from the Big Mind perspective and see that it is all OK as it, while there is also room for improvement and change.

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