Big Mind & The Wild

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am curious about how to explore topics from ecopsychology, deep ecology, the Universe story, etc. with the Big Mind process.

Some voices…

The voice of the body.

The voice of the wild (nontamed/noncivilized).

And some topics…

How the culture and the small self relates to the body and the noncivilized.

How the body/noncivilized respond, tries to get the attention of the small self.

I suspect that in our western culture, with its strongly dualistic view of humans vs. ecosystems, culture vs. nature, mind vs. body, the body and the nontamed will typically come up as not respected, ignored, or not even seen by the small self. Yet, there is an enormous vitality in just these voices – which could be accessed by the small self if there is more of a partnership between these voices and the self.

There is a vitality, freshness, and free basic wisdom unhindred by culture and ideology.

Just finding the right terms for the wild/nontamed/noncivilized is difficult, in a culture where nature is seen as in the direction of “evil”, and untamed and uncivilized are used as derogatory terms…

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