Compassion, Gratitude & True Humility

Compassion, gratitude and humility comes spontaneously when awareness awakens to the Big Mind view. At the same time, these are orientations that helps awareness open for the Big Mind view when it is still mostly exclusively identified with small self.

This is understood in just about all religions and spiritual traditions, which offer a wide range of tools and practices to help awareness first open for these qualities, and then shift into a Big Mind view. They are the qualities that helps us open up, allow contractions and rigidity to soften and fall away.

When awareness awakens to its nature, to the Absolute, these qualities helps it to not get stuck in the Absolute, and move into the more inclusive Big Mind view – embracing the absolute and the relative. It helps it function through the small self with fluidity, inclusiveness, compassion and engagement. There is nothing extra. Nothing to prove.

When awareness is stuck in the absolute, it excludes the relative. Compassion, gratitude and humility helps it move towards embracing the absolute and the relative, and function with engagement and compassion in the world.

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