Credit & Blame

Our culture has an profoundly odd relationship with credit and blame. We assign each one to individuals, as if anyone could be credited or blamed for anything.

All phenomena are a seamless fluid whole. It is a holarchy, with innumerable nested holons. There are no absolute separations, no holons more “independent” than any other. It is arbitrary to emphasize the “individual” holon more important or real than any other, and there is no way the “individual” can exist as any form of independent unit.

At the same time, it seems obvious that anything anyone expresses as a gift, does not come from the individual only. It comes from all the levels of the holarchy, from the Universe as a whole down to the energy fields making up atoms and molecules. Without this, it could not arise. And it also comes from the whole and full history of this holarchy. From the basic principles embedded in this Universe, the early galaxy formations, the formation and evolution of Earth as a whole, from all of our ancestors back to the first single-celled organism. And the same is true with anything we can even assign “blame” for – it is not related to the individual.

Credit and blame are, in just about any way we can look at it, completely impersonal. Of course, this is just one aspect of the picture, but an important one and one that is frequently overlooked.

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