I was in Oslo, Norway, on a visit and had a strong intuition on going through a certain area of town I had not visited before. It was more upscale, and located in Majorstua. When I came to a certain section of this area, I recognized a restaurant from a dream I had earlier. I recognized every little detail (it had two sections, and beautiful wrought iron ornamentations). And when I walked just a little further, it turned out that I recognized everything – down to the details – from different strong dreams in my past. I was exited and exhilarated. I finally came to a building which seemed to be both public and private. They served food, had live music, and probably hosted workshops and similar events as well. At the same time, it had a very intimate and personal feel to it. A couple in their fourties were there, and they recognized me and I recognized them instantly. It was as if we had known each other for a very long time, but at the same time did not have specific memories of each other. We immediately connected on a very deep and comfortable level. They had academic degrees, were musicians, ran the restaurant, organized the workshops etc. It was a beautiful and deeply comfortable blend of intellectual, artistic and spiritual pursuits. I felt deeply at home, as if I had lived there for many years.

This was a very strong and vivid dream. The familiarity and atmosphere of deep and comfortable intellectual, artistic and spiritual interests is one I recognize from when I lived in Oslo, and from Vækstsenteret in Denmark as well, and imagine is alive in certain co-housing communities. These are all areas which were very strong in my life up until I left Utah, and I have felt somewhat without “ground” in it since – without anyone around me with which I can deepen these interests in the way I knew from living in Oslo, and in the atmosphere this dream also reflected. The longing for this atmosphere has been coming up again strongly the last few days before this dream.

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