Exploration Only

Everything here is just an exploration only. Most of it (unless it is clearly speculation) does come from direct experiences, but these experiences are far from as clear and embodied as they can be. Mostly, it is a way for me to let go of what I perceive as “insights” – to put them down in electronic form so I can let go of them, empty the cup and open for something else.

And everything here is inherently a lie – it is just words, reflections of experiences made into concepts and words. It is inherently dead, incomplete and of only temporary use.

Existence is always more than and different from our experience of it. And when we form our experiences into concepts and words, it becomes even further removed from Existence. Existence is – as it is. Anything we say about it is too much, it is ultimately a lie.

A map is always a simplification. At its best, it is relatively accurate and highlights some features and leaves other out. But even here, it is just a map and not the terrain.

Realizing this does not seem to release us from trying to formulate it, to explore how to express it as cleanly as possible. And this is OK as long as we realize that the terrain is always different from the map.

When we believe in thoughts, we are not aligned with Existence and suffer. When our beliefs soften, or when we are released from believing in thoughts, we open to our spacious aware nature. We open to the space where anything can arise, spontaneously and effortlessly.

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