Fluidity in the Life of Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

We always assign motives to ourselves and others, and that is only natural and part of being human. The difference is in whether we believe in our thoughts or not.

I have enjoyed seeing Bob Dylan freeing himself from his own patterns and stereotypes others have created around him. He has chosen to perform at casinos, and release a selection of previously unreleased tracks through Starbucks.

One way of looking at this, is that he is “selling out” or have lost his marbles somehow. Another is to see it as following a deeper pattern – one of freedom from expectations.

Early in his carieere, in the context of conservative mainstream culture of the 50s and 60s, freedom from expectations was in opposing many aspects of this mainstream culture. Now, his freedom takes the form of acting independent of the expectations of his followers.

The key here is of course “independent”. If he acts contrary to expectation, then he is still tied to the expectations of self/others. If he acts independent of these expectations, based on different guidelines, then there is some freedom from expectations.

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