As awareness becomes more familiar with Big Mind, there is a natural consequence of generosity. There is a sense of effortless fluidity, inclusiveness (or rather non-exclusiveness), and generosity in many different ways.

The many faces of generosity
There is a generosity in the inclusiveness of the different ways mind can function and express itself, on personal and transpersonal levels. Nothing is excluded.

There is a generosity in the inclusiveness of all aspects of Existence. There is clear differentiation but no separation. Nothing is excluded.

There is a generosity towards all beings. What is expressed through them is an expression of Existence. There is no separation – no “other” and no “there” or “them”.

There is a generosity with the resources of this small self, in how it relates to itself and other small selves, with attention, care, compassion, wisdom. With being itself, in all its many aspects – beyond and embracing all polarities.

There is an ease, deep natural comfort, non-exclusiveness, deep caring, which is natural, effortless, and quite different from what can come when awareness is exclusively identified with the small self.

Being at home
There is a deep and natural sense of being at home in Existence, in this universe, on this planet, in these ecological and social systems, in these particular surroundings and with these particular people. Nothing is excluded.

All is recognized as Existence manifesting – in all its many ways in the inner and outer world. There is a deep sense of familiarity, even while it is all completely new and fresh here/now.

Existence experiencing itself
Awareness recognizes itself as Existence experiencing Existence. Awareness functioning through this small self, relating to other small selves, these ecological and social systems and this particular universe, is Existence relating to itself. It is Existence exploring itself in all its many manifestations. It manifests in always new and different ways, within spacious cognizance.

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