There are many types of glimpses into the nature of mind, and/or Big Mind.

The Big Mind process helps us with a taste of the view. The view beyond and embracing all polarities – of existence/nonexistence, enlightenment/delusion, Big Mind/small self, mind/matter, etc.

Pointing out instructions helps us recognize the Absolute here/now, the inherent spacious/empty clarity/cognizance of mind. This recognition can be relatively stable, although may take time to become more full blown. Initially, we recognize the nature of the drop, then of the ocean. The drop is this seemingly local mind. The ocean is Existence, beyond and embracing all centers.

And sometimes, we have a full-blown temporary glimpse. This can occur spontaneously or through meditation practice.

In each case, it seems very simple. And in each case, it needs to deepen, clarify and stabilize. There is a big difference between a glimpse, and a more stable and full-blown recognition/experience.

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