Heart Meditation

I listened to an interview with Raphael Kushnir where he described what he calls the heart meditation: Visualize breathing in all the love in the universe, so it fills your whole body and every cell, and breathe it out again – knowing that the source is always full.

I also did the Metta practice with the Vipassana group earlier today, which is quite similar. And there are of course many similar practices.

They all helps us connect to what in the Big Mind process is called Big Heart. The unconditional compassion that is the natural functioning of the mind when it is not identified with its content, when it awakens to its own nature. And it can be used to help heal the small self, to wash the small self in unconditional love, and help it heal from whatever it has been going through and open up to something larger.

One important difference between the Big Mind process and many of the other techniques (with the exception of Tibetan Buddhist visualizations), is that in the Big Mind process – you recognize yourself as Big Heart. You are the unconditional compassion and love, effortlessly. In many of the other practices, you are still identified as small self accessing this unconditional compassion as something else. Of course, even here – you will eventually recognize yourself as it. What could the source be if not this – this spacious clarity right here/now?

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