Integrated Free Functioning Self

The “aim” of the Big Mind process is to awaken the Integrated Free Functioning Self. This refers to a fluidity in how we access and live from the different personal and transpersonal voices. We allow any and all to be experienced and expressed, fluidly, without being attached to any particular one. In this way, we become more fully and deeply human. This of course requires a softened, porous and inclusive identity – or rather no particular identity.

This comes out of the Zen tradition, and is reflected in the oxherding pictures, and phrases such as bright sun/hazy moon of enlightenment, and first mountains and rivers were mountains and rivers, then they were not mountains and rivers, and then they were mountains and rivers again, etc.

I have noticed a slight discomfort around this when I facilitate the Big Mind process with people who do not have a Buddhist background. In some traditions, this is not quite the aim (they may want to live exclusively from a Big Mind view for instance), and accessing and clarifying the Integrated Free Functioning Self is in a subtle way proselytizing. Of course, people can take it or leave it as they want – and will do just that.

And, of course, if they choose to be stuck in the Absolute or in the Big Mind view, there will be suffering – and this is the way out of it (at least that particular form of suffering).

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