The previous posting again brought it alive for me how difficult it is to express these things in language.

Spoken/written language has as its function to make distinctions and to emphasize the differences. It functions naturally in a dualistic way. And western languages do this even more due to cultural influences.

And of course, we take a living experience, put it into words, and these words can be taken by the recipient as ideas – rather than a pointer to a direct experience.

If we express transdual views in language, they will be understood in a dualistic way by a mind that functions in a dualistic way, and in a transdual way by a mind that functions in a transdual way. For those who have no experiences beyond dualism (or were not receptive to these experiences), they are just words. For those who do have transdual experiences, they point to their own experiences.

There is no end to pitfalls. Yet, we have little choice but to try.

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