Memories of Home

The ultimate (?) home is Big Mind – the whole that embraces the nature of mind and all experiences.

And awareness seems to have hunches of this home, of its own nature and how it functions when it realizes its own nature.

Even when awareness is exclusively identified with the small self, it seeks faint reflections of these qualities. It seeks happiness and to avoid suffering, it seeks unconditional love and compassion, it seeks wisdom, it seeks richness and freedom.

Of course, when it is exclusively identified with the small self, it can never achieve this – it will always be over the next hill, around the corner, fleeting glimpses at best. And when it recognizes and awakens to its own nature, it realizes that these are the natural and effortless expressions of its own nature.

Only a shift in view is needed to realize this, although to become familiar with it – and realign the habitual patterns of the small self to correspond with it – takes time. It is a process of clarification, deepening and embodying.

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