No Separation

When I do Breema, the experience of no separation deepens. Everything in the surroundings – all sounds, smells, colors, textures, sensations – is directly perceived as manifestations of Existence. There is clear differentiation within the context of a seamless whole.

There is a direct, natural and obvious experience of one Existence, manifesting in myriad ways. The sound of the wind in the trees, the sound of the traffic, the phone ringing, someone walking into the house, the smells of the fireplace, of the vegetation and soil outside, of this and the other body and clothes, the colors and texture of the carpet, the wood floor, the furniture, the clothing, skin and hair, this body moving, that body moving – it is all Existence manifesting. It is all movements in the whole, beyond and embracing all dualities. The session is Existence giving to Existence, with all of Existence participating here/now. And the experience is natural, effortless, obvious.

Of course, the initial sentence is not accurate, but only a conventional way of describing it. There is not any “I” which is “doing” “something”. That too is just Existence manifesting, clearly differentiated within a seamless whole.

If regular sitting meditation is more “yang”, emphasizing clarity and spaciousness, Breema is more “yin”, emphasizing fullness of experience. In both cases, awareness awakens to its own nature. It embraces the absolute and relative, and functions in a more transdual way.

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