Systems View & Health

I listened to the epidemiologist Howard Markel on Wisconsin Public Radio, and was very impressed by his views and understanding. He seems to take a consistent systems view on human health, realizing how a good health care service for everyone is necessary for the health and well being for each of us.

When significant segments of the regional or global human population do not have adequate healthcare, it impacts all and each of us. We live in a world where diseases transmit across borders in hours and days. Where the health of the larger local and global ecosystems, society and individuals impacts each one of us.

When we take a narrow view of “each one for themselves”, it comes back to haunt us. When we take a wider view, acknowledging the multitude of interconnections, it helps us as whole and as individuals.

Our own self-interest and the interest of the larger whole is closely aligned, especially in the world we are living in today. We cannot any longer afford to act exclusively out of narrow views, and this is becoming increasingly more obvious.

The whole world is inviting us into a systems view. Into a more transdual view of the world – if only, on a larger scale and for now, within the relative realm.

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