Three Breaths

Ezra Bayda writes about the practice of Three Breaths in the current issue of Shambala Sun. It is a practice that is simple, gentle, doable and most likely effective as well.

Whenever I remember, I can make a conscious intention to stay with whatever I am experiencing for three breaths. And then I allow my mind to wander again (it is important to keep our agreement with ourselves and allow these habitual patterns to come back).

This is a gentle way to bring mindfullness into our life, and to experience how it is to be with discomfort and the contrast with engaging in distractions. As Bayda mentions, we may eventually see that being with discomfort is easier than resisting it.

It can also be used with whatever addictions we may have (food, internet or something else). Whenever the addictive urge comes up, we can stay with it for three breaths, and then give ourselves permission to engage in our habitual patterns again – or not.

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