Trust seems to come up for me frequently these days.

When awareness is exclusively identified with the small self, there is a natural sense of distrust. Awareness perceives itself as one object among a large number of unpredictable objects, and it needs to be on guard. Some trust is OK, but there is always an element of underlying distrust – of apprehension and being on guard. And this has a essential function: it helps the small self to survive. It is a neccesary protection.

When awareness awakens to its own nature (the Absolute) and Big Mind (the Absolute and Relative), there is no separation and there is unconditional compassion. This helps to dissolve some of the patterns of distrust of the small self, but it takes time. The small self has spent years operating from a fragmented and dualistic view, and has developed physical, energetic, emotional and mental patterns that correspond to this view. All of these patterns make perfect sense from an exclusively dualistic view, and now can gradually soften and reorganize in a more transdual context.

A deepening trust in Existence leads to a more transdual view, and is also inherent in a more transdual view. There are many approaches that can help open up for a deepning sense of trust, such as Breema, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, yoga, Big Mind process, Byron Katie’s inquiry process, and various meditation practices.

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