Advice for me

I heard a story yesterday about the author of a book I am enjoying very much. The story gave the impression of this author as arrogant, and I noticed a sequence of responses in me…

First, I experienced resistance: the ones telling the story seeemed arrogant, and maybe my currently favorite author is as well. And I hooked into the thought that “they should not be arrogant” which brought up a hardness in me.

Then, it softened as I saw that it was only someone’s story. And even the story itself had many different possible interpretations – all which seemed reasonable.

Finally, it all released as I applied the advice “he/they shouldn’t be arrogant” to myself. I should not be arrogant. That feels much more true. I am the one who is too arrogant, if I think I can know that about anyone else, if I think anyone else should follow my advice, and if I think that I cannot learn from a book even if the author sometimes act in a way that can be perceived as arrogant. Now, it all seemed comical. Applying the advice to myself brought me to myself and a deepened softening.

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