Already Here II

Some examples…

Do it for yourself

This is one of the pointers in Breema bodywork, and one that I have found very useful. What I discover is that I am already doing it for myself. I am always doing it for myself – in anything I do, although I can create a story for myself that makes it appear different. Whenever it appears that I am doing something due to external circumstances, I can ask myself How – in what way – am I doing it for myself?

It is already here – I am already always doing it (only) for myself. The process is in uncovering it.

Being Present

I am always present – how can it be otherwise? I exist here now. These sensations, emotions, thoughts, this awareness, is always here now. And when I come to the nature of mind, to the spacious awareness, I experience it as well.

A little shift is all that is needed. A shift from being exclusively identified with the small self – caught up and lost in thoughts and images of past/future – to this always present spacious awareness.

Love, Compassion, Equanimity

When we awaken to the nature of mind – the spacious awareness – it is expressed in the form of love, compassion and equanimity. We experience that we are these qualities – it is our nature. And this love, compassion and equanimity is only conditioned on the nature of mind, not any inner/outer circumstances.

It is already here, and again – the process is in uncovering it.

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