Awakening Earth

At the NWEI retreat, my longstanding interest in ecospirituality, new cosmology, creation spirituality, deep ecology etc. was refueled.

The more I look into it – and as I move along my own process – the less far fetched it seems that we may see a wider scale awakening into a more transdual view among humans. And this will turn our view of the Universe, the Earth and our collective humanity upside-down.

Already, we can see that we are the local awareness-organs for the Universe and the Earth. We are the Universe and the Earth coming into awareness of itself. And this awareness operates locally (exclusively identified with the small self) and dualistically for most species and most human beings today.

For some human beings – and maybe for larger segments of the population in the future – this awareness awakens to its own nature and functions transdually. In this process, it also becomes aware of itself as Big Mind and all phenomena as expressions of Big Mind. God is behind and in front of the eyeballs.

If the Universe and the Earth awakens into a transdual awareness through larger number of humans, it means a radical shift for humanity as a whole. The Universe and the Earth can now be aware of itself as a seamless whole, through large number of awareness organs part of one planet.

It is difficult to say how it may look as it is so different from what we see today. All we can say that the shift may be as dramatic as when the first humans emerged into language.

It is by no means the end of challenges and imbalances (as Ken Wilber likes to point out, there are diseases at each level of development), and as with any transition – it is an beginning as well as an end.

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