Breema & Liberation

I am realizing that an important emphasis of Breema is the process of liberation.

One aspect of Breema is mindfulness practice. By coming to the body – the breath, the weight of the body, the posture of the body, the facial expression, the sound of the voice – we shift our center of gravity to the nature of mind – the spacious awareness distinct from the self and the personality.

From being caught up in the habitual processes of the self – the habitual patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviors – we find a new “ground” in the nature of mind, distinct from the self. From here, we are free to choose how to relate to and engage with inner and outer situations. We are liberated from being blindly caught up in the habitual processes of the self.

When awareness is identified with – or caught up in – the processes of the self, it functions in a dualistic way. It is trapped in the world of phenomena. When awareness awakens to its own nature, it begins to function in a transdual way. It is beyond and embraces the Absolute and Relative.

(The Nine Principles helps with this shift, as they express Existence as it is viewed from the Big Mind perspective.)

When we repeatedly engage in this shift, in everyday situations, we gradually become more familiar with the nature of mind as well as with the shift to the nature of mind. And from this, there is a gradual shift into and awakening of the Big Mind view.

Breema – at least this aspect of it – is about the liberation process. And from here, to an awakening into Big Mind.

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