Disturbance or Support


When we are exlusively identified with small self, there is a sense of a strong separation between inside and outside, this self and the surroundings. Sensations and perceptions can be experienced as a disturbance. Here I am, trying to be peacful and content, and there you are disurbing me…!


When we awaken to Big Mind, all phenomena are experienced as Big Mind. All phenomena are movements within Big Mind – Existence manifesting in always rich and fresh ways. Everything is revealed as a support.

In my own life

When I give (or receive) a Breema session, I notice how everything in the surroundings participate and become a support. I experience the sensations – the sounds of the traffic, someone opening a door, walking through the house, talking; the smells from the outside, the smells of the house, the other person; the sensation of a breeze over the skin – as part of the session. There is no separation, no “other”. Everything is Existence manifesting in its myriad ways. Everything is a reminder of Existence.

And there is a similar experience in meditation. From being other, all phenomena are Existence manifesting. There is no absolute boundaries between inside and outside, me and surroundings.

The movements of Existence – independent of its particular manifestation – fuels and support wakefulness and clarity.

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