Emptiness & Fullness

Existence embraces the Absolute and the Relative.

The Absolute is the nature of all phenomena, including the mind – it is the “ground” of everything, the void, the deep silence – that which is without any characteristics and distinct from all phenomena and all polarities. At the same time, it can clearly be experienced – just by looking in and see what is left when anything related to the small self is taken away.

The Relative is the fluid seamless evolving whole of all phenomena.

And when awareness awakens to its own Absolute nature, it can function in a transdual way and experience both the Absolute and the Relative. It awakens to Big Mind, to emptiness and fullness. The emptiness allows the fullness to be, the fullness gives richness to the emptiness.

A footnote: Within the Relative, we can also say that there is a form of “emptiness”. The Relative is a fluid seamless whole, so there are no absolutely fixed and no absolutely separate “entities”. What we perceive as distinct phenomena are vortexes in the stream, temporary manifestations within the fluid whole. This self is part of the seamless fluid whole. It is an expression and manifestation of God/Buddha Mind as all phenomena are, and the spacious awareness which functions through it is an aspect of God/Buddha Mind – as all awareness is.

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