From the view of the small self, it is amazing beyond belief that anything exists at all… That there is space, awareness, and the world of phenomena.

From the view of Big Mind, there is just a resting in what is. Existence is.


It also struck me that for Existence/God/Buddha Mind to really experience itself, it has to be experienced through local awareness organs. If Existence just is – and aware of itself – without local awareness organs, there is equanimity but not much more. With the local awareness organs, there is a full and rich range of experiences.

There is an irony – and beautiful symmetry – here. God is seeking to experience itself through local awareness organs (not aware that they are manifestations of God). And some of the local awareness organs attempt to escape their experiences and seek God and equanimity. Which in turn makes the full range of experiences even richer.

As someone said, it is God playing hide and seek with itself.

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