Here is my current impression of Byron Katie’s inquiry process

Is it true?

Creates a crack in and some space around the belief, a chink in the armor. I open up for the possibility that it is not absolutely true, which makes it easier to inquire into it further and allow it to drop (me).

Who/what am I with/without the thought?

First, examining the many forms of suffering which arises when I believe in the thought – on all levels and areas of my life. Then, realizing who I am without the thought. Coming to the nature of mind. And also visualize – make come alive – how I would live my life without it. I live it in myself which makes it available for me to live it in the world.


I recognize and integrate projections. The advice that arises in me (in the form of “you should”) is always an advice for me. It is what brings me to myself.

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