Layers of Perfection

There are layers of – and different ways we can experience – the perfection of Existence.

  • The Absolute
    That which is distinct from (and inseparable) from all phenomena. None of the words used to describe phenomena – which are all of them – can describe it, although some words used to hint at the experience of the Absolute is the void, deep silence, and the “ground” of being/existence. We can experience it as space and awareness – the inseparate space and awareness that is reading these words right now.

    The Absolute is distinct from all polarities – it is distinct from existence and non-existence, matter and awareness, creator and creation, etc. All of these descriptions – even when described in polarities – are irrelevant for describing the Absolute.

    The Absolute is within all phenomena, and that from which all phenomena arise. It is the “ultimate perfection”, although even the term “perfection” is irrelevant.

  • Big Mind
    Big Mind embraces the Absolute and Relative, the void of the “ground” and the richness of phenomena. Everything is an expression of Big Mind, Buddha Mind, God, Existence. This seamless and fluidly evolving universe is Big Mind exploring itself, in full perfection.

  • Holon
    The holon of our being – all levels from body through the Absolute – is always perfect, as is the internal/external situations the small self is in. When awareness is exclusively identified with the small self, it may not appear that way, but when it awakens to Big Mind – everything is revealed as perfect as it is.

Of course, the complementary aspect of this – especially as it applies to the small self – is that there is room for improvement.

When awareness is exclusively identified with the small self and functions dualistically, there is an escape from undesirable and seeking desirable situations. And even when awareness awakens to its own nature and functions transdually, there is movement and intention.

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