Nothing to Achieve, Something to Achieve

From a Big Mind perspective, there is nothing to achieve. Everything is perfect as it is. Everything is already Big Mind.

But from the perspective of an awareness that has not yet awakened to itself as Big Mind, there is something to achieve. And there is often a strong motivation for it as well. A motivation that comes through a combination of the carrot – the bliss and equanimity of awakening, and the stick – the current suffering from a perception of separation. To awaken to Big Mind, there is work to do.

If we say there is nothing to achieve, then it is only part of the picture. If we are stuck here, we are indeed stuck – with little possibility to awaken to Big Mind anytime soon.

If we say there is something to achieve, that is also only part of the picture. If we are stuck here, then we will always expect the awakening to be somewhere in the future, always over the next hill, and we don’t notice the expressions and tastes of Big Mind that is already here.

With both, we can appreciate Big Mind as it manifests here/now, and we are free to engage in whatever practices seems appropriate to prime us for awakening more fully into Big Mind.

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