I was reminded of how we are always in partnership with Existence, whether we recognize it or not. Even after we realize the seamless whole of the inner and outer world, there can be a sense of partnership – because there are still distinctions.

For instance in a spiritual practice/deepening, there is always a partnership between what we perceive as “me” and the rest of Existence. We make ourselves available to Existence, and can recognize the nature of mind (spacious awareness) and move into a more transdual view – into Big Mind. This is the case whether it appears that we are doing it “on our own” (as in Zen) or whether it is supported by “transmission” (as in Waking Down or through the deekshas).

In either case, Existence makes it available to itself. And in either case, the realizations has to be clarified, deepened and lived through this life.

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