Placing a Head on top of Your Head

I have no dharma to give. I only cure diseases and undo knots.

Followers of the Way who come from everywhere, try not to depend on anything.

There is no Buddha, no Dharma, no training and no realization.

What are you so hotly chasing? Putting a head on top of your head, you blind fools.

Your head is right where it should be.

Lin Chi

This quote from the Chinese Zen teacher Lin Chi perfectly captures the insights that emerge through Byron Katie’s inquiry process.

When we believe in thoughts, we put a head on to of our head. We get caught up in everything that comes out of believing in thoughts, such as circular thoughts, elaborate abstract constructs, justifications, and judgment, blame, shame, guilt anger, sadness, etc. We create our own little hell, just from believing in thoughts.

When we inquire into our beliefs, we cannot take them seriously anymore. What is revealed is the nature of mind, the spacious clarity, the natural and unbound wisdom and compassion.

This head is right where it should be – and it is always there, even when covered up by beliefs in thoughts.

There is no belief in an abstract thought/idea of Buddha, no Dharma, no training and no realization. There is only a direct experience and living of that which these terms point to.

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