As mentioned before, the deeksha process seems genuine (and powerful) and leading to genuine awakenings.

This may or may not take place on a large scale, with several tens of thousands of people within the next few years, as they suggest. If it did happen on a large scale, it is – as all transitions and shifts – an end as well as a beginning.

Some of what is left to work with…

  • Living and embodying it on a personal and collective level in everyday life.
  • Healing on a personal and collective level, working through traumas and wounded areas.
  • Development of each of the lines, and through the levels. We start where we are, although the process may be accelerated by awakening.
  • Moving from the Bright Sun to the Hazy Moon – a softening and rehumanization of the awakening, allowing the mind to function freely on both transpersonal and personal levels.
  • Development of new – and still always changing and evolving – social structures.
  • Changes in social structures (decision making, economy etc), that takes into account (a) the stages people are at and (b) those who have not yet awakened to the nature of mind or Big Mind. If an awareness of this is not embedded in new structures, it could lead to serious social conflicts and disruptions. More specifically – and using Spiral Dynamics language – if a green social structure is imposed on those on a blue level, or a green or orange structure is imposed on those on a red level (each cases two levels separation), it could quickly lead to the situation going out of control. The social structure must match and take into account the level people are operating from.

Not expecting any challenges is likely to be the major general pitfall.

And either of the specific ones listed – along with all the ones I am not currently aware of – are potentially major pitfalls in themselves. Although falling into those pits is also part of the process – exactly what is needed for learning and further maturation.

If there is denial and blindness of either of these – and the many others not mentioned – it sets the stage for another awakening on personal and collective levels. And this time more of a rude one…!

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