Richness of Small Self

I appreciate more and more the richness of the small self – the body, energies, emotions, thoughts, and the habitual patterns of these making up the personality.

When awareness awakens to itself as distinct from the small self, it begins to function in a more transdual way – and eventually awakens into Big Mind, embracing the Absolute and Relative. This awakening often begins subtly, and can eventually be a full blown experience.

In either case, there is a sense of (a) spacious awareness and/or (b) Big Mind using the small self as a vehicle – an emmisary into the world of phenomena. And there is a wonderful richness and fullness in this – with all the layers from the physical body through the Absolute.

Staying in pure space and awareness brings a complete experience of peace and completeness, which is attractive if the awareness tends to be identified with the small self and functions dualistically. But after a while – after the transdual functioning becomes more familiar and comfortable – there is definitely a sense of richness and enjoyment in operating with/through a small self. It brings a whole new dimension and fullness to the experience. It brings doing to the being.

When awareness is exclusively identified with the small self, it tends to seek escape in any way possible, including the idea of liberation and escape from the cycle of rebirth. But when awareness awakens to its own nature and functions transdually, it experiences and enjoys the richness of an embodied existence.

Awareness can function on transpersonal and personal levels. When there is both, there is even more richness and fullness to the experience. We can revel in the experiene of the full range of the russian dolls, from the physical body through to the Absolute.

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