Russian Dolls

We can see ourselves as a holarchy – as a set of russian dolls, one within another.

Some of the dolls…

  • Physical body
  • Energies
  • Emotional
  • Mental (thoughts)
  • …? (one level here is the tangible and rich sense of a field beyond/embracing the whole of the body/personality – the centaur level)
  • Absolute (space and awareness)
  • Big Mind (transdual)
  • All Existence (no separation if subtle, cosmic consciousness if full blown)

All of these are always there, as long as there is a body and personality, although awareness may be aware of some and not others. And the center of gravity may be at any of these or encompassing all simultaneously. For me, each of these shift to the foreground or background depending on the situation, and the two last ones are present at varying degrees of intensity (from a constant gentle presence to occasional full blown experiences).

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