Second Tier

In the Spiral Dynamics model of development of value systems, they differentiate between first tier and second tier levels.

First tier is where we see our own value system level as the only right one. (This can actually includes pluralistic views if we appreciate all other views except those which themselves as exclusive.)

At the second tier, we appreciate each of the levels of value system development. We appreciate each level for itself. It is Existence exploring and manifesting itself in a unique way, adding to the overall tapestry of richness of the self-exploration of Existence. And we appreciate each level for being part of the whole sequence of development, and the overall evolution of humanity, the Earth the Universe, and the relative aspect of Existence.

We can be highly developed on the spiritual line, and yet be at either first or second tier.

If we are at first tier, there may be a lack of appreciation of the whole long evolution of the Universe, Earth, the human species, and one’s own development up until now. It may all seem as a big mistake, and the only thing that counts is liberation and Enlightenment.

At second tier, we come to deeply appreciate the long process that brought about this now – and that there is an equally long – infinite – process ahead of us as well. Each level of unfolding – of the Universe, Earth, humanity and the individual – is immensely valuable in itself. It is Existence expressing and manifesting itself, perfectly with no mistake. And it is a part of the whole and rich unfolding as well. There is no mistake. It is all beautiful – even the most terrible suffering (which doesn’t mean that we sit back and don’t work to alleviate the suffering as much as we can – this is also part of the overall picture).

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