Spontaneous & Unconditioned

It is sometimes said that the compassion and wisdom that arises in Big Mind is spontaneous and unconditioned.

When we awaken to the nature of mind – to spacious awareness, it has several consequences.

Transdual View

First, since there are no absolute boundaries to find, there is a sense of no separation, which in turn leads to a transdual view. We see the whole as well as the distinctions within the whole. We experience all phenomena as aspects of a seamless whole, within which there are innumerable possible distinctions.

Spontaneous Expressions

Second, since there are no absolute boundaries and no separation, it gives rise to…

Joy, since everything is here/now. We have finally found our real home, that which we thought we were separate from. It is the joy of a beggar discovering that he always had a fortune but did not know about it until now.

Love and compassion, since there is no separation. We are all manifestations of Existence. We are all human. We are all in the same boat. We all share the universal human experiences, although with slightly different flavors. We recognize every being as an manifestation of Existence, just as this awareness experiencing it. God is in front of and behind the eyeballs.

Wisdom, from recognizing the nature of mind and the seamless fluid whole of phenomena. We see the confusion and blindness that arises when we believe in thoughts and ideas. We see the futility of trying to “fix” the small self.

Equanimity, since nothing is foreign. All phenomena and all experiences we can possible have are manifestations of Existence. It is God experiencing itself. There is no preferences, no good and bad.


All of these experiences – of joy, love and compassion, wisdom, equanimity – are independent of any external/internal situations of the small self. They are unconditioned in that sense, although they are conditioned on recognizing the nature of mind.


Of course, this is all expressed in layers.

The nature of mind is spacious awareness, and when we recognize this – it gives rise to joy, love and compassion, wisdom, equanimity and more. At the same time, there is this small self with its sensations, emotions and thoughts.

Often, we will experience both simultaneously – with one in the foreground and one in the background. Sometimes, one can overshadow the other. We can rest in the nature of mind and the bliss that comes from it, and the small self retreats far in the background. We can get temporarily caught up in the processes of the small self – the habitual patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviors – and the nature of mind retreats far into the background. It is all the play of the mind – functioning in some of the many ways it can function. It is all part of the process.

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